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A/C facts


The most common reason for a/c falure is vehicle engine cooling system over heating.


Annual a/c system and cooling system services will keep your air conditioning in tip top shape.

Compressor Re-building

Certain compressors are prime candidates to be re-built, these compressors can be replaced at a lower cost given a re-buildable core.

Other compresors are not as lucky and either destroy them self beyond repair or cost more to rebuild than can be bought new.

Come in today for a Free Visual Inspection of your A/C System!

At Allie Refrigeration we strive to provide you with the best service at the lowest prices! With over 30 years of experience we are prepared to fix any problem your a/c may have!

HardwareNew Manufacture Parts

We are proud to offer Original Equipment Manufacture parts Some components can be rebuilt economically, you will be informed if you fall into this category.


Complete Refrigerant Compatability

We have R-12 and R-134a in stock daily and are a Mobile Air Conditioning Society M.A.C.S. certified R-12 Facility.

R-134a Converson Experts

We have experience with R-134a refrigerant since its debut in 1994 and know all the parameters and requirements for you to get the maximum efficiency from your R-134a Conversion.

Vintage systems

We have a large inventory of parts for vintage air systems such as V.I.R. and P.O.A. along with knowledge of their applications.

Custom hose fabrication

We can custom fabricate a/c hoses for any application.

Per Application Installations

Custom installations Available.

Preventive Maintenance.

An Annual pre summer a/c service will help to provide reliable service through out the summer months.

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